The Joys Of Living In Malden, Masachusetts


I have always lived in Massachusetts, but I have to say that Malden is the best place I have resided in so far. While most of my life was spent in Boston, the joys of living here are ideal. I see no reason ever to go and try another town.

One thing I like about this city is its proximity to Boston. While I got tired of the hustle and bustle of big city life, the idea od being able to get there easily has plenty of appeals, especially since my family lives there. I can hop on the train and be in Downtown Boston in like 15 minutes.

Even though this city has like 65,000+ people, I feel like I live in an extremely small town. I see all of the same faces every day and I feel like I am part of a community. I do not know all of their names and we are not personally acquainted, but a part of me feels like we are some sort if family. I cannot say I had that in any other Massachusetts location I have lived in.

The diversity in this town is great. If you want to live someplace where you can be black, Asian, disabled, LGBTQ and anything else, this is it. All kinds of people live here and they are accepted with open arms. One of the best benefits of this is having access to international cuisines. There are not many other towns where you can have Indian, Haitian, Chinese hotpot and Ethiopian food all within a 1-mile radius.

I feel safe living in this community. I remember there being years with no murders several times since I have lived here. While Boston is not the murder capital of the world, it was a little scary living there, which is one of te reasons I came here. I know that I can walk around without being afraid that it will be my last day. I finally feel like I have solid peace of mind.

There are many other great towns in Massachusetts, including Revere, Everett, Melrose, Danvers and Saugus, but I think I will settle here. With the combination of benefits I just mentioned, it should be very easy for anyone to see why I want to call this place my home for the rest of my life.